About PRL

Carl Dodd - Property Revolutions Ltd.
Carl Dodd - Property Revolutions Ltd.

PRL is a design-led green consultancy with a difference.

We are no flash in the pan, neither are we a ‘greenwash’ advisor jumping on the band waggon.

My name is Carl Dodd, and I have been on a 45-year journey to become Greener, Cleaner and Leaner™

This journey started back in 1976, when, as a young boy, I watched the hugely inspirational Granada TV series: ‘A House For The Future’. The series featured a family led by Geoff and Lynn Grant.

Throughout my career I have worked with and developed new green ways of building and doing things, ahead of the curve; never following the crowd. In my 35+ years of professional experience I've always made sure that the sustainable benefits of this knowledge are passed down to clients, builders and suppliers.

PRL (PROPERTY REVOLUTIONS LIMITED), was formed in 2007, as a conscious decision to stand out from other designers and builders.

PRL is designed from the ground up to be fundamentally green. We exclusively focus on green and sustainable concepts, techniques and materials.  Being a green company means that all of our projects have low carbon ambitions.

PRL strives to be second-to-none in terms of services, knowledge and customer care. Our clients and customers receive our genuine expertise, and our absolute passion for their sustainable project.

No project is too small or too large for us. It could be a small eco retrofit project (© Maltings Barn - SJD), a large renovation and deep retrofit (© Heath Lodge) - or even a multiple development site which aspires to be net zero carbon from the get-go (© Dereham Apartments).

When they engage PROPERTY REVOLUTIONS LIMITED every customer receives bespoke innovation and unique advice that is suited to the project’s requirements.

We not only endeavour to inspire people, but we make absolutely sure that our processes are reliable, value for money, robust and trusted.

We guarantee all of our work, and sign off our supply chain’s workmanship or product.

Ultimately, we know what we're talking about; we always strive for the highest possible standards in green design and construction.

So, why don't you get in touch, and join the green Property Revolution today!


Contacting PRL

You can call us on: 01223 772388 or email: info@property-revolutions.co.uk