The PRL Guide to Deep Retrofitting

The PRL Guide to Deep Retrofitting

One of the most important and impactful ways to live a more sustainable life is to upgrade your home. Living sustainably means lessening the burden that you place on the environment.

When you make changes to your home, you reduce the carbon footprint of your entire household / family. The most effective way to upgrade your home is to undergo a 'deep retrofit'.

Deep retrofitting is a process whereby an expert looks at your house’s overall energy efficiency and uses a combination of measures to improve it. This process aims to ensure that your house operates in the most efficient way possible, using the least amount of energy.

Deep retrofitting involves looking at the overall energy wastage of a house and then minimising it. The process uses strategic improvements to help make the house more efficient. This is usually done with a view to cutting down on emissions and lowering monthly energy costs.

One of the most common energy-saving methods used is insulation, which can be added on the floors, roof, around windows and in the attic. Air sealing is also a solid energy efficiency measure, this finds and stops areas in the house that leak air. Improved ventilation, radiator resizing, solar energy implementation, and heating system improvements are just some of the other  ways that energy can be saved.

Combining a number of methods into making the house more energy efficient is the final aim, as the improvements all end up working together in order to achieve maximum efficiency overall.

The Benefits of Deep Retrofitting ... 
The efficiency of your house will be greatly improved. Your carbon footprint will be reduced as you’re no longer allowing it to escape unused. You’ll also notice improved air quality indoors; beneficial to the health of your entire household. A deep retrofit will save you money in heating, electricity bills and home repairs. The measures needed to make your house energy efficient also make your home more durable. Deep retrofitting will significantly increase the value of your property should you want to sell it. Living in a warm and cosy home all year round is the feel-good benefit.

Carl Dodd
Property Revolutions Limited

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